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After we all jumped for joy when he was cast as Captain Hook, we have finally got our first glance at Christopher Walken in costume and he looks a lot like a certain Disney villain!

Check it out Walken's awesome new [Peter Pan Live](movie:2059523) look for yourself below:

I love how they are sticking to a good old fashioned panto style, and also channelling our beloved Disney Captain Hook at the same time, but I'm not so sure about that Jersey Shore inspired make up!

But, how does Walken stack up when it comes to the Hooks of Peter Pans past?

Peter Pan (1924)

Edinburgh born Ernest Torrence starred as the diabolical pirate in the first movie version of Peter Pan. At 6' 4," his imposing presence towered over the rest of the cast and gave the sometimes comical villain a bit of much needed edge.


Disney's Peter Pan (1953)

The man behind the voice of our favorite Captain Hook was the American Charcter actor, Hans Conried.

He also happened to be totally into rocking a Captain Hook costume so it's easy to imagine him working his magic in the recording studio!


Hook (1991)

Dustin Hoffman totally won facial hair with his terrifying depiction of the pirate captain in 1991's Hook.


Neverland (2011)

Two hands and blond hair?! Rhys Ifans is ever the non conformist!


Once Upon a Time (2014)

Colin O'Donoghue proves that villains can be hot too.


Whose your favorite Hook?

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