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So, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice may still be a year and a half away, but that doesn't mean the world is all out of awesome Batman-related stuff for us to bring to your eagerly awaiting eyeballs.

After all, this is the Caped Crusader's first appearance in the new sequence of DC cinematic comic-book adaptations, but it's by no means his first movie rodeo.

Not too long ago, we were all still very much in love with Christopher Nolan's epic Dark Knight trilogy - and thankfully, the series was well documented with some absolutely fascinating behind-the-scenes images.

Let's start off where the series did, with:

Batman Begins

On the set of which...

Christian Bale and Chris Nolan Got Their Hands Dirty

And apparently stared off into space a lot.

Bale Got His Bat-Suit Posing Down

Which was presumably accompanied by a husky growl of "I'm Batman".

Though Katie Holmes Didn't Seem To Approve

Either that or someone just off camera is making a really obscene gesture.

But At Least the Batcave Looked Beautiful

Something that can't be said about everyone in:

The Dark Knight

I mean, what about...

This Pair of Troublemakers Getting Schooled by Nolan

Even if the guy in the back does have a winning smile...

But, Really, This Is Who We're Here to See

And that is unnerving, spectral beauty at its best, right there...

Along With the Star, of Course taking a picture of a picture?

Who's Rocking the High Rise Stunts

Which everyone else seems weirdly chilled out about.

Which Seems To Be Nolan's Thing

"Yup, this is unexciting to me."

Along With Monitoring the Awesome Heath Ledger

Who kind of looks like he's gone method all of a sudden, and kept going after the called 'cut'.

Though It Was Clearly Worth the Effort

Because man, was he good in that movie...

Though I Also Believe in Harvey Dent

Even in his weird proto-Two-Face mode.

And, of course, MINIATURE TRUCKS

Which is now all I want for Christmas. Other than maybe a flying Batmobile.

Like, say, the one in:

The Dark Knight Rises

"Oh, you mean this one?"

"Look, Ma, No Hands"

But some seriously strong-looking wires.

Nolan's Ride May Be Cooler, Though

"Here, Hold this. I'll be back in an hour."

But Is It Cooler Than Catwoman?

I dare anyone to suggest it to Anne Hathaway.

Tom Hardy, Though, Was Indisputably Epic

Even without his mask.

And Clearly Developed an Awesome Bromance with Bale

Which Nolan may have felt excluded from.

Seriously, Though - They're Adorable

But Not as Adorable as This - The Cutest Thing Ever I just want [Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870) to arrive even more...


What do you guys think? Which movie had the best behind-the-scenes photos?

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