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With that pesky Damon and Bonnie disaster taking up all of our emotional energy, it's been a while since we checked in on Caroline, and it doesn't seem like she's doing too well.

In a brand new season 6 sneak peek, our favorite vampire Barbie seems totally hung up on Elena and her lack of emotion over the death of a certain someone... But just who might surprise you.

See what I mean in the clip below;

Yep, that's right it's DAMON!

Contrary to the evidence we've seen in previous clips, it seems like Elena has been hardcore grieving for Bonnie but being surprisingly together over the loss of her boyfriend.

Obviously, Caroline has been away for too long to know how Elena is meeting Damon through those pesky witchy hallucinogenics at this point...

It's a relief to know that Elena is grieving for both of her dearly departed friends, but I'm not sure how healthy it is going about it in such different ways...

What do you guys think?


Do you think Elena's way of dealing with her grief is unhealthy?

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