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The Oculus Rift is a piece of wearable technology that may, in time, change gaming forever.

Oculus Rift: Welcome to Virtual Reality

Normally, Virtual Reality is seen as a failed experiment from the past (a bit like 3D cinema was, before that came back). But with Facebook buying the Oculus Rift for $2 billion ($1.6 of that in Facebook stock) could we be on the eve of a transformation in Virtual Reality gaming, if not gaming itself?

One game on which the Oculus Rift was being showcased at this year's E3 was Alien Isolation.

This game is also trying something new. Most Alien games to date have seen gamers tool up with a variety of weapons and blast through hundreds of Xenomorph aliens. Alien Isolation takes a different approach.

Alien Isolation & Oculus Rift, Perfect Combination

Harking back to the original Ridley Scott movie, this game sees you take control of Amanda Ripley, daughter of Ellen. Instead of having a whole variety of weapons, you have none, relying instead on creeping around, using tools to open doors and cause distractions, while you avoid the over powerful Xenomorph Alien you are trapped with on a spaceship in the middle of an empty universe.

This game, then, is a perfect fit for the Oculus Rift, which also gives its users that same mixed feeling of immersion and claustrophobia.

Take a look at what a simple rollar-coaster game can do, and then think about coming up against a Xenomorph alien!

Where as before you pressed a button to look over an obstacle to see the Alien (and risked exposure), with the Oculus Rift you can just lift your head a little and peek at the creature. Similarly, crouched behind a pile of piping, Oculus rift users could look through the obstacle, where PS4 users would not have that same level of fine tuned movement.

Unfortunately, the demo for Alien Isolation looks like it will at this stage remain exactly that - there are no plans to develop a full game. And the games that have been produced, while occasionally interesting, are not at the same level that The Creative Assembly and SEGA have achieved with Alien Isolation.

A girl tries on the Oculus Rift
A girl tries on the Oculus Rift

Games like Private Eye, which is essentially a Rear Window adaptation, are full of interesting concept, but the graphics are too shaky and the games too sketched out to really recreate the deep and world immersing experience. In the end, these games seem more on the level of Wii Sports, where they introduce the concept, rather than create a lasting experience of their own.

But what do you think? Can the Oculus Rift make more games to recreate the success of Alien Isolation? Will gamers be lured back to Virtual Reality? Write in with you thoughts below the line!


Will the Oculus Rift be a success?


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