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Alisha Grauso

Last week, I posted a simple question to you all: Who is the greatest movie villain of all time? And you guys responded in a big way.

This week, I'm asking you about the other side of the good vs. evil coin.

The protagonist, the champion, the role model, leader, idol...whatever you call them, heroes are the ones with the guts, the smarts, and the good hearts to oppose those villains. Heroes come in all shapes and sizes, genders, cultures, fictional and nonfictional.

If we love to root for the antagonist, then it's only because there's an equal (and often stronger) force for good in the hero or heroine that battles them.

So I'm asking you this week: Who is your favorite movie hero of all time??

Share your choices in the comments - and feel free to include pictures, links, and reasons why!


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