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Another week, another DC Comics TV show in the works. This time, the project is on cable, as TNT is near a deal to produce a pilot for Titans – as in Teen Titans. Variety reported the news, revealing the lead in the potential series would be Nightwing/Dick Grayson, the former Robin. Variety names Starfire and Raven as other members of the team.

This is The fan casting of the new Teen Titans tv show:


Dick Grayson's adult alter ego, Nightwing is a clear leader when it comes to delivering a badass TV show. Having someone like Nightwing at the helm of Titans will show viewers that this TV show isn't a light and fun version of the Teen Titans, but rather something more adult and serious. Adding Nightwing to the cast of characters could also be a good brand recognition move considering his close ties to Batman and his former role as Robin, the Boy Wonder. It's difficult to say who I'd like to see in the role, but someone like Logan Lerman could be suited for the job.


Josh Hutcherson or Penn Badgley or Dylan Sprayberry


Raven would be a good addition to the Titans TV show. She could give it a supernatural feel with some dark magic. She's a great character with an interesting backstory that could be mined for many, many episodes. I mean, can't you just see Raven on a billboard or poster promoting Titans on TNT?!


Kaya Scodelario or Elizabeth Gillies or Ellen Page


Much like Raven, I would love to see Cyborg on a billboard or poster for Titans on TNT. Adding Cyborg to the Titans roster could give another reason to crossover The Flash with Titans with S.T.A.R. Labs appearing both. While the character does appear in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, as played by Ray Fisher, DC TV and DC movies will not crossover with each other and will remain separate, unlike the Marvel Cinematic Universe where movies and TV shows happen altogether.


Ray Fisher or Michael B Jordan or Robert Ri'chard


While Raven would give Titans a dash of the magic and fantastical, Starfire would give the new TV series a blast of science fiction. She was born as the princess of the planet Tamaran, but escaped her home world to Earth where she found a place on the Teen Titans team. Starfire has the ability to fly, super-strength, and awesomely powerful starbolt blasts.


Rosie Huntington or Sophie Turner or Ashley Greene

Beast Boy/Changeling

Born Garfield Logan, Beast Boy could be harder to pull off on TV with smaller budgets, considering the shape-shifting and his appearance. He would be a good fit to see a live-action version of Beast Boy on TV. We have the character on Teen Titans Go!, so why not another version of Beast Boy on the small screen.


Dylan O'brien or Cody Christian or Dylan Sprayberry (Again)

Kid Flash

It would be easy to add The Flash to Titans, if only the TV series Flash wasn't featuring Barry Allen and it wasn't on a different network (Titans will be on TNT, while The Flash is on The CW; Time Warner owns both networks, along with DC Entertainment and Warner Bros.). It could also give a one-day possibility for a Titans/Flash crossover down the road too. Regardless, Dick Grayson and Wally West make a good one-two combo and would give Titans some good pazazz.


Sam Clifin or Drew Van Acker or Dave Franco

Wonder girl/Donna Troy

Also known as Wonder Girl or Darkstar, Donna Troy would be a fine addition to the Titans team. It's clear that TNT and Akiva Goldsman are trying to make a TV series that would appeal to a young adult audience, so in some ways, it's a younger version of The Justice League. I can see someone like Jessica Stroup (90210) or Merritt Patterson (Ravenswood) playing the role.


Alexandra Daddario or Merritt Patterson or Jessica Stroup


Are you excited for the Teen Titans new tv show!


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