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Today, one of the Hunger Games Movie's official site (, turned up the heat on their Anti-Rebellion site. Specifically a new message from the Capitol to the Citizens of the Capitol, which basically states that the Capitol is increasing its' Firewall (seriously Capitol, it's about time) View the message below.

That's right guys! The Capitol is putting up measures to stop the Rebels! Does this excite you as much as me?

If not, here's some more Hunger Games news, back in July, we learned that the artist Lorde (Pure Heroine), would be curating the upcoming soundtrack for the Mockingjay Movie. Then, today the following picture was tweeted by Lorde.

Album Artwork for upcoming film Mockingjay Part 1
Album Artwork for upcoming film Mockingjay Part 1

It's currently unclear whether or not this will be the official Album Cover, or just that of the Single. However, Lionsgate did announce that we will be able to hear Lorde's single on September 29th. Until then, may the odds be ever in your favor!


What do you think? Will you be buying Lorde's single?

Mockingjay Part 1 hits theaters November 21, 2014 & is directed by Francis Lawrence.


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