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So now that they have confirmed a Teen Titans TV series it's time to speculate who will be on the show. Like the title suggests, I will be discussing the villains that should be in the series and real quick the Titans will consists of Nightwing, Starfire, Beast Boy, Cyborg, Aqualad, Raven, and Wonder Girl. I would also assume that other Titans will appear as the series progressesThis series should be pretty adult-like. What I mean is that these are young people in their late teens or early 20's and they wanna go out, have fun, and get "intimate" with each other. (Starfire and Nightwing)

Dr. Light

A great villain to start off a great series. He's always been somewhat of a joke in the comics but honestly this is one sadistic and messed up dude. Not only can he manipulate light and generate blasts, but he was also known to be a serial rapist having multiple victims. Yeah, really bad guy and it can make for a very interesting episode later on, perhaps he kidnaps one of the female titans and right before anything the titans stop him by killing him or not. Who knows but he would be a great villain to watch on screen.


I know I said that she's a member of the teen titans but originally she was a villain turned hero in the comics and joined the Titans. The same can happen here. Early on in the season they introduce Raven and they fight and defeat her but she was being controlled by her father Trigon, who we should see later on in the series. Plus I would like to see her New 52 look which looks fantastic.


Everything they did with this character in Young Justice, they should do to in this series. Psimon has the power of mind control and can make anybody around do his bidding. If "Psimon says drop dead" You drop dead. Your gone. So this will be a fun character to see the Titans face off.


Originally a Batman villain, this is a guy who is completely anti-government and wants to the people govern themselves. He's a nice foe because he's more than a person, he's an idea, a way of thought. And I would make him a teenager, like in Arkham Origins, to show him as

Brother Blood

I always thought Brother Blood was a great villain in the animated series and in his New 52 reincarnation he is phenomenal. I have never seen a more twisted, more sick Brother Blood until the New 52. Only problem is that if they link Teen Titans to Arrow and The Flash, it probably won't happen because we already had a Brother Blood in Arrow and he was alright but was nothing like the comics. He was reduced to henchman in the show and I want to see him take center stage.

Terra and Deathstroke

I think you guys know what story I have in mind. That's right, the Judas Contract. Probably THE best Titan story arc. In the series it could be that Terra joins the Titans towards the end of the first season, but she is really a spy for Slade wilson to take down the Titans from the inside.

Deathstroke will be the main villain for Season 1 and he will also be a recurring villain in the series. So the Judas Contract will be amazing. I mean you have to have Deathstroke if you're making a Teen Titans show and Manu Bennet should reprise his role only this time i wanna see a cooler version of his costume.

I'm going to be thinking out of the box on this one but there is one villain/anti-hero I bet we would all love to see on screen. His name...

Jason Todd/Red Hood

Jason Todd is back and he is pissed. This is where my creative mind wonders, Jason Todd believes Dick Grayson in incompetant of leading the Titans so he tries to take over as the leader and starts filling the head of the other Titans that it's better to kill villains than to lock them up. A villain Red Hood probably killed Dr. Light, since he is a messed up dude. I see him appearing in Season 3 or so.

We would have a fight we would all love to see, Nightwing vs Red Hood. Also, Nightwing proves that he is the better leader, so Red Hood decides to create his own team of outlaws and he recruits Starfire, Aqualad and other Titans that have joined throughout the series. This new team will be called The Outlaws and they will but heads with the Titans. Yeah it probably won't happen but it's a cool theory.

Now I know there are a lot of other villains I didn't get to like Trigon. Trigon should be saved for Season 2 with the last episodes focusing on the story arc The Terror of Trigon. We could also have the Fearsome Five appear and countless of other villains. This is one show that I am ecstatic about. I simply cannot wait.


What villains do you wanna see?


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