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In honor of FRIENDS 20th Anniversary, I thought up of some of the funniest moments of the show and wrote this article about it. Pivot is one of my all time favorite and Phoebe catching Monica and Chandler doing it is completely unforgettable. But it quickly became clear that 15 FRIENDS moments were not enough. So many others started coming to mind and I had to share them as well.

So for part deux, here are some extra 15 funniest moments in FRIENDS.

16. Ross Breaks His Hand

This is the one moment in FRIENDS I remember laughing so hard all the way through the commercial break. Basically, Ross is mad at Joey because he accidentally proposed to Rachel with the ring he had for her. Worst of all, Rachel said yes. It all quickly proved to be a misunderstanding but Ross can't let it go. So Joey suggests Ross should let it out, scream at him or punch him. And oh, the hilarity ensues.

17. Janice in Labor

Not just Janice... Janice in labor. Contracting and everything. When Rachel is in the hospital ready to have her baby, she keeps having to share her room with the weirdest patients but none were as unexpected as Janice ready to have her own baby. Obnoxious and nasal enough on a good day, Janice is hysterical in the middle of one of her contractions.

18. Let's Play Bamboozle!

Joey is auditioning to be the host of a game that makes no sense, according to Chandler. Yet, after watching this episode several times and sort of understanding it after the 30th watch, I can't help but wish this game was real. Even Chandler, who initially hated the game ends up loving it.

19. Seven

Chandler keeps postponing sleeping with his girlfriend Kathy because she is Joey's ex and doesn't think he can live up to the expectations. The girls help him out by showing him the seven erogenous zones in the female body. Pretty subtly, yet very clearly, Monica shows him a few combinations that might help him out next time.

20. Moo Point

Joey was off by only one letter. When Rachel's crush breaks up with his girlfriend, she wonders how long should she wait to ask him out. Joey brings up the valid point of whether or not he actually likes her. Otherwise, it's just a 'moo point'.

21. Chandler Gets Hypnotized

In Season 3, Chandler picks up smoking again and everyone is sick of it. Rachel lends him a hypnosis tape to help him quit but doesn't realize the tape says 'You are a strong confident woman who does not need to smoke'. Chandler does quit smoking but starts acting alarmingly girly.

22. Joey's Head in a Turkey

During a Thanksgiving flashback, Joey wants to spook Chandler by putting in his head inside the turkey. Unfortunately he gets stuck and Phoebe has to help him before Monica finds out.

23. The Routine

The Gellers' competitive nature gets out of control more than once in the series, but no time is funnier than the time Ross and Monica danced on a New Year's Eve show. Dying to be on camera and not just as extra dancers, Ross suggests they do their 'routine' and impress everybody.

24. English Beef Trifle

Rachel can't cook. At all. In Season 6, Monica finally lets her cook something for Thanksgiving dinner. Rachel is excited to make an English Trifle for dessert but when the pages of the recipe gets stuck together, she makes half a trifle and half a sheperd's pie. To spare her feelings, the gang do a terrible job at pretending it's delicious.

25. Napping Buddies

After watching Die Hard twice, Ross and Joey have the best cuddling nap of their lives. I think that sums it up pretty well.

26. Monica's Frizzy Hair and Ping Pong

When the gang heads off to Barbados for Ross's keynote speech, the rain won't stop. Because of the humidity, Monica's hair gets a 'little extra body'. Every shot after, the hair gets bigger and ridiculously bigger.

27. The First Kiss Ever

After a college reunion, Ross and Chandler find out about old betrayals but none is worse than Chandler kissing Rachel the night Ross kissed her for the very first time. Indignant and angry, Ross tells the story to Monica and as they piece it together, the truth behind is easily one of the funniest dialogues in FRIENDS.

28. They Don't Know That We Know They Know

In The One Where Everyone Finds Out, the friends, except for Ross, know that Chandler and Monica have been secretly dating. Instead of coming right out and saying it, they decide to prank them by making Chandler believe Phoebe is flirting with him. Chandler and Monica soon figure out they all know but decide to call their bluff by pretending Chandler is flirting back. Neither side wants to give up, so a very awkward seduction moment takes place.

29. Ross Plays Bagpipes

It's clear by now that Ross sucks at playing instruments but that doesn't stop him. Hoping to surprise Monica and Chandler at their wedding, Ross starts playing bagpipes to 'honor Chandler's Scottish family'. Monica and Chandler say no but they are persuaded to hear him play one time and then they can decide. The moment is so funny even Jennifer Anniston had to laugh when Phoebe 'sings along'.

And last but not least...

30. Unagi

If Ross learned anything from karatay was Unagi, a state of total awareness. When Phoebe and Rachel feel like they can kick ass after just one self-defense class, Ross is determined to prove they do not have Unagi, which really is an eel.

These are just 30 reasons as to why FRIENDS is easily one of the best TV shows of all time. It is also my way of showing you that I am incapable of having a conversation without somehow quoting one of these scenes or bringing up references only FRIENDS fan understand. That's how I find my people.

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