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3 episodes down. 10 left to go. The final season of Sons of Anarchy is really happening everyone. It still shocks me. After the first couple episodes being a little bit of a drag we finally are given an installment that started showing us where it is all going. Let's dive into my full review of episode 3 of this season 'Playing with Monsters'. I'll continue my trend of discussing the bads first and then move onto all of the goods of the episode. Beware of spoilers from all seasons up until this episode!

The Bads:

One of my least favorite B-stories of this season has to be the stuff they are doing with Juice. I feel like this entire arc of his has been strung along too long. Remember when he initially "ratted" on the club? That was the middle of season 4... Yeah, so this has been almost 3 seasons in the making and what has happened? Don't get me wrong it was compelling when he was considering suicide and sort of walked with a death wish throughout season 4 but I'm simply just over this. Either just have Jax or Chibs kill Juice or have him flee the state and leave the show. I feel like Sons loves to string stories for seasons at a time because they are afraid to let go of some of their main cast. Example being Clay Morrow not dying until season 6... Or the fact that the character introduced with cancer back in season 1 episode 2, Unser is still around.

Theo Rossi has really shown over the course of this show that he has range. Back in the first 3 seasons he was nothing but a geeky, awkward, young member of the club that they loved to pick on. Now, he has shown a man going through the deepest of depressions and completely losing his way. I just really hope this story wraps up soon and doesn't extend all the way until the final episode. If you're going to keep it going let's have Juice go REAL dark. If he would've killed Unser in the season opener that would've been shocking but instead we just have dumb Juice who is sticking around even though the entire club wants him dead.

A certain scene I'm going to analyze this week is the scene where Jax brings the former One-Niner Chester to a warehouse to "take back some guns from the Mayans". As some of us probably predicted Jax, Tig, Chibs and Happy shoot Chester and his two men in their backs. The reasons I decided to bring this scene of all the scenes up is because Sons has had a problem the last couple seasons. They've started this habit of having Jax and the club play buddy-buddy with someone until leading them to a location where they can double-cross them and kill them for the club's benefit.

Want the most RECENT example? How about last week with those two white guys Jury brought into the mix. Everything seemed good until the Sons showed up to the two guy's house to kill them. The club made the two guys look like they were the ones who attacked the Chinese's guns and drugs exchange. I'm getting a little sick of this schtick. All of this double crossing and killing tons and tons of guys in secret makes it hard to root for the Sons. I know Jax is setting up a huge plan to have August Marks, the Chinese and the Mayans go to war against one another but this is getting repetitive. Let's hope this is the final double-cross-where-Sons-kill-everyone-scene this season.

The Goods:

This week's opening scene featured a porn parody of Frankenstein with Lyla directing the club's new porn film Skankenstein. I can't believe I just wrote that sentence but that's Sons of Anarchy! Just like they did last week with Rat-Boy and Tig the writer's of Sons have really upped the dark comedy so far this season. This was just one example this season as Jax also made a quip towards August Marks if he'd like to star in "12 Inches of Slavery". Another little joke was when Wendy walks in on this Brooke girl fooling around with Rat Boy while watching baby Thomas. Rat's excuse is "he's like... a baby". Oh Rat, you're so hilariously dumb. You're officially the white Juice of season 1.

This increase of comedy in the episodes has reminded me of the first few episodes in the final season of Breaking Bad where we had scenes where Badger was explaining his Star Trek theory and Hule laying on a giant stack of Walt's money. We better enjoy all of these jokes now because the more we are laughing now means the more likely chance we will be crying towards the end of the season because of the death and carnage coming to the club.

Some other little things I enjoyed this week was the fact that somebody actually mentioned that Tara and Roosevelt were BOTH killed. Thank you new character Sheriff Jarry. It was only an off-handed remark to Unser but it made me smile. Speaking of Jarry they decided to finally expand upon her character a bit. The big question was, of course, would she be someone who would be taking bribes like Unser used to? Or more like how Roosevelt started and was all about justice?

It seems Jarry is going to accept the money? I'm not too sure. The way the scene between her and Chibs was going down I was afraid it was some sort of sting catching the club for bribing a federal officer. Jarry also seemed to flirt a little bit with Chibs? Was it just me or does she like Charming's Irish biker? We shall see. Is she just stringing him along to maybe find out more about the club? Please comment below and let me know your theories! It was just enjoyable to see some slight character development.

The Conclusion:

Overall, we see more unravelling in Jax's plan. Jax and the Sons aren't just raging war against the Chinese. They are trying to turn everyone against everyone. It's strange because since Jax has ties to August Marks, Mayans, the Chinese, and everyone why have them all kill each other? Why not just continue your plan of getting the hell out of guns? I don't know. I'm just going to avoid predicting where this is all going and let a couple more episodes come and see if the path will be set up more. If episodes continue to be like this one I'll be more happy with the season. However, I hope we really start completing storylines quicker, like Juice's. This episode was pretty good... just not great.

Sons of Anarchy Season 7 Episode 3 "Playing with Monsters" = B

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