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Kristin Lai

If you love stunning classical music, and you're also a fan of all of the Batman film iterations, then you're in for a real treat.

The musical group The Piano Guys, already known on Youtube for rearranging popular music, has finally taken a stab at encapsulating the evolution of the acclaimed Batman scores, as well as it's visual themes. The group went as far as to include replicas of the Batmobiles from each era!

From Neal Hefti of the 1960s, straight to Danny Elfman in the 1980s, and finally transitioning into the Hans Zimmer's 2005 score to The Dark Knight, The Piano Guys are here to blow your mind and rock your world. Check out their amazing video here!

Way to go, guys! I wonder if there's any way I could hire them to follow me around and make me feel like a badass.


Which song in the medley was your favorite?


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