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It's been quite a while since The Walking Dead fans were treated to a 'Bad Lip Reading' for the show and lucky for us, a few weeks before the season premiere, we get to see the lighter side of the fourth season through catchy tunes and hilariously accurate bad lip readings. If you liked "La-Bibbida-Bibba-Dum", the first lip read song "sung" by the Governor in the first 'Bad Lip Reading', then you'll love "Carl Poppa", this time sung by Carl and set to a pretty great beat. Check it out below!

And for those who have no idea what I was talking about when I said "La-Bibbida-Bibba-Dum", check out the first 'Bad Lip Reading' showcasing seasons 1-3 below!

With all the death that circles around The Walking Dead (do I need to remind you about Hershel? Never forget), I am grateful that I can have these videos to laugh about for hours. As they always say, the most tragic shows have fans who make the funniest jokes. But that's life right?

What do you think? Are you excited for the Season 5 premiere? Would you want to see more Bad Lip Readings? Comment below!

[The Walking Dead](series:201193) finally comes back on October 12 on AMC.


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