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Sailor Moon may be an Anime classic and an iconic character (who's inspired more than one or two risque halloween costumes), but that doesn't mean we know all there is to know about her.

In fact, it turns out that underneath that cute exterior lies something creepy as hell.

DeviantArt user AlectorFencer took it upon himself to make a skull study of Sailor Moon, to see what her famous pointy chin would look like in reality.

The results would be funny if they hadn't just ruined my childhood:


That's right: the adorable intergalactic saviour is basically a Doctor Who villain crossed with a chihuahua. All that dirty fanfiction suddenly seems less appealing.

But Sailor isn't the only anime character who'd look really bizarre in real life. Check out three more who'd give you nightmares:

Vegeta - Dragon Ball Z

Sporting a '90s incarnation of Google glass, double penis forehead and lapels that would open automatic doors 10 miles away, there's not much practicality about Vegeta's get up.

Kakashi Hatake - Naruto

Nice guy Kakashi has many loyal fans, but not an awful lot of concern for health and safety. Seriously, if this guy was actually a teacher he'd be tripping over kids and offending people with his hair.

Astro Boy - Astro Boy


(Source: Dorkly)


Are you creeped out by Sailor Moon now?


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