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Steven Soderbergh seems to have an addiction to keeping busy; while still filming Cinemax's period hospital drama The Knick, he's managed to find time to show us all how it's done by removing the color and sound from Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Why? Apparently, it's an exercise in learning the art of "staging:"

I want you to watch this movie and think only about staging, how the shots are built and laid out, what the rules of movement are, what the cutting patterns are.
See if you can reproduce the thought process that resulted in these choices by asking yourself: why was each shot—whether short or long—held for that exact length of time and placed in that order?

In other words, Soderbergh has stripped back a classic to avoid all its special effects and gizmos and focus on the choices the director makes.

It's a pretty cool way to put yourself in the shoes of Soderbergh and his esteemed ilk. You can watch the full movie here.

(Source: Geek Tyrant)


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