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Ever since we first heard that Batman would feature in what was initially expected to be [Man of Steel 2](movie:1516560), fans have been arguing over what Batsuit he should wear.

As it turned out, the first Batsuit we saw from Zack Snyder's Batman vs Superman, was a classic. If you take into account that Snyder has put a filter on the photo, it looks like the main Batsuit for Batfleck will be the classic, black/grey/yellow belt version that is iconic, despite never having so far appeared in a Batman movie.

It is widely assumed, however, that there will be multiple Batsuits in Batman vs Superman. This image teased by Zack Snyder of the Dark Knight exploring some rocky location with R2D2, for example, was believed to be a new suit, as was the black suit displayed at San Diego Comic Con 2014.

How many Batsuits for Batman vs Superman!?
How many Batsuits for Batman vs Superman!?

But what other Batsuits would you like to see in Batman vs Superman? What are your all time favorites, either from the comics or the movies?

Let's run through some of the candidates.

The Dark Knight Returns: Heavy Duty Armor

Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns is seen as one of the best Batman comics of all time, and it's high point was the epic showdown in Gotham's Crime Alley (where Bruce Wayne's parents were murdered) between Batman and Superman.

Batman came fully prepared, and even so he believe he might be killed in his confrontation with the [Man of Steel](movie:15593). He wore his heavy duty armored Batsuit. And it seems like this one is confirmed for Batman vs Superman:

Heavy armor needed to face Superman?
Heavy armor needed to face Superman?

The New 52 Batsuit

This is one of the best Batsuits out there. It's coloring is close to the Batsuit opted for by Zack Snyder, but the main distinctive thing about this suit is simply its extraordinary number of hidden gadgets.

The contact lenses alone can act as a lie detector, zoom in, and recognize faces, as well as allowing remote access to the Bat-computer. His boots allow him to walk up walls, his body armor is bulletproof, fireproof, and acid proof, and he has an almost endless list of gadgets and weapons hidden in his gloves and belt.

Gadget crazy, the New 52 Batsuit
Gadget crazy, the New 52 Batsuit

Whether it is Superman proof, though, is another matter.

Batman Spawn, The Incredible Cape!

This is more of an obscure one. In 1994's Batman/Spawn one shot, written by Frank Miller and with art from Todd Mcfarlane, batman was shown to have an enormous, completely impractical, but awesome looking cape.

Batman fought Spawn in his comic, but some of the most memorable scenes simply showed them both on rooftops, allowing their capes to billow into the night sky.

What a cape! Spawn/Batman ignores practicality!
What a cape! Spawn/Batman ignores practicality!

Batman Beyond

This one is a little unlikely, at least for Batman vs Superman. Batman Beyond is set several decades in the future, when Bruce Wayne has retired and there is no Batman.

Terry McGinnis is a young high school student, whose father is murdered by a criminal gang. He comes across Bruce Wayne, and steals the Batsuit to fight crime. After an initial reluctance to allow it, Bruce Wayne eventually hands the Batman mantle over to Terry, who adapts the Batsuit to his the needs in the futuristic neo-Gotham

Batman Beyond, the Batsuit for neo-Gotham!
Batman Beyond, the Batsuit for neo-Gotham!

So what do you think is the best Batsuit, and which should Zack Snyder include in [Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870)? Write in with your own choices below!


Which Batsuit do you most want to see in Batman vs Superman?


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