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John Edakul

Over the past few days since the highly acclaimed T.V show [Gotham](series:1127075) has aired it has been accumulating a varied amount of fan theories and easter eggs into what it is to be expected for the next few episodes or even seasons.

your a killing joke
your a killing joke

For those who watched the pilot you would know the Fish Mooney has in fact had the pearl necklace owned by Martha Wayne, Mooney hides the fact that its in her possession but looks behind detective Bullock to see if the man in the picture above is okay and then keeps talking. Now its only a rumour or a tease into the man the fans see as Joker. But lets look at how Joker was formed, for instance in the comics we never know his real origins but the most popular theory or comic line was that he was in fact a failed comedian with a child on the way, which could correlate with the fan theory, but people missed out one bit about the story, it is a fact that Joker doesn't really come into becoming the Joker until he meets Batman on that fateful night. So how old is Bruce wayne in the pilot, like about 9 or so, say Batman starts his crusade at 21, that 12 years to go and many seasons too far I mean it took Smallville 10 year from the pilot to become Superman, so all in all Joker will not appear but you will get maybe just maybe a back story but that would be of a petty criminal without out the mastermind.


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