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"Every inch of its head had been tattooed with an intricate grid, and at every intersection of horizontal and vertical axes a jeweled pin driven through to the bone." I remember when I was younger going over to Aunt's house and her being a horror movie fanatic she had a huge book case filled with VHS of random titles but the one that stuck with me was "Hellraiser", on the side was a horrific image of a very pale man with pins drived into his head. As a child it made me wonder what kind of weird terrible things my Aunt had interest in watching but as I got older around the age of 13 I had my first experience watching this movie which ultimately lead me to watching every single film on multiple occasions. Now clearly some movies are better than others and here is my PERSONAL opinion on the matter.


Hellraiser (or sometimes referred to as Clive Barker's Hellraiser)

Surprisingly this to me is one of the worst films in the series, I think what originally attracted me to the film was some of the amazing FX displays (for the time) but when I started re watching it I realized how small of part Pinhead actually played in the movie and how contained he was with there set of rules. The love interest between Julia and Frank was so bizarre and was actually the main plot to the story where I personally think a Hellraiser movie is ALL about the Cenobites. I think the story line was also severely lacking, a drip of blood from someones finger is probably the most boring catalyst in a horror movie I can imagine.

Hellraiser: Revelations

There shouldn't be any surprise that I find this movie to be awful and by far the worst in the series, a remake without Douglas Bradley as pinhead? (need I say more) but also the actors were terrible doing what most bad actors do in horror movies they try to over sell the fact that they're crazy and make viewers cringe by doing so. Again the story line was poorly written at best and it made you wonder who would ever act like that given the current situation. Needless to say there definitely needs to be another Hellraiser movie just so you don't end on such a bad note.


Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth

I personally LOVE this movie, like I have previously stated I think a Hellraiser movie should be about the Cenobites and that's what this movie does it finally releases Pinhead into our world which is a fascinating idea the embodiment of Hell being seen by the general population and not just someone who opens his forbidden box. If you haven't seen this movie yet you really should, this to me is a very competitive film as my favorite in the Hellraiser series.

Hellraiser: Bloodline (4th film)

This is my favorite in the series although really close to the 3rd, I really enjoyed this movie and how it connected so well with the previous film. The thing I loved about this movie is it went in between different periods of time and gave you a better understanding of what's going on with the mystic boxes but from the viewpoint of the central characters ancestors. It's a great idea and worked really well in the film and also had a wonderful ending that allowed everything to be over with but with the timeline allowing for further movies to be made without any problems. Now my one complaint about this movie is for me the ending is a little to happy and me liking sour or bittersweet endings I had a bit of a problem with this one so to give you the ending I would have like I will give it to you (now remember I like endings that are not so optimistic).

In my ending this is how things would have worked out, Paul (the central character) would have been killed by pinhead at the end and as he has no heir up until this point pinhead would have felt victorious after so many years of fighting this family. But as Rimmer has already left on the shuttle the ending scene would be her giving birth and on the birth certificate you would see "Paul" leaving you to believe that as some point on the ship they had for lack of a better word gotten intimate so all though you don't get the warm and fuzzy feeling like in the original ending you'd be left with a little bit of hope which is all that should be asked in a horror film.


What's your favorite Hellraiser film?


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