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Amy Leathem

For those avid 'Batman' fans this was a much anticipated series which sparked excitment at least for me. I looked forward to see how the writer would sell the idea of Gotham as a 'coming of age' esk drama series with a dark edge. What I got in this first installment was far from what I expected, I was disappointed and bored within the first ten minutes. An over eager cinematographer could be to blame for the unnecessary camera angles but the lack of continuity that's just bad writing. This show will be lucky to make the cut and I wont be surprised if it gets cancelled before it reached the series end. The reasons why are endless but let's start with the acting. Our very own detective Gordan portrayed by Ben McKenzie ...there is a reason he hasn't had a lead role since The OC and a dramatic monologue between a young Bruce Wayne and detective Gordan in which Gordan declares things get easy and blah blah we see just how shallow his acting depths are it was an embarrassing speach. Although the story and lead actor are weak and do not give me confidence in the shows future not to mention the weird camera action I do have faith in one character. The penguin (Oswald cobblepot) is played by Robin Taylor and he has a certain edge. He is a far stretch from the penguin we came to know and love with deformed hands and gastly appearence however I like the spin they have put on him, he feels more real and empathy is easier to come by, I look forward to seeing how his character plot pans out. As for the other characters we where introduced to a young cat woman, poison ivy , the riddler, and the joker to name a few favourites however nothing grabbed me about them. Was this a clever ploy to get the series bought by a network the 'show as much as we can at any cost' to ensure the buyer knows what we have ...gone wrong some respect it worked they got bought however they might have cut off their nose to spite their face as viewers might not buy into this mishmash of a first episode. I have a flicker of hope that it will get better ....but it's just that a flicker. To sum up episode one I would say it'san excellent idea however they just Havnt got it quite right.


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