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Some details of the plot of Jurassic World, also known as Jurassic Park 4, are more or less public knowledge by now. However, if you want to come to this movie completely fresh, this article may not be for you, as it contains

Jurassic World SPOILERS!

So what do we know so far? Jurassic World will be set more than a decade after the events of the first Jurassic Park, and the Dinosaur theme park is by now nothing new. Teenagers take photos on their iPhones in front of the T-Rex enclosure, and the whole idea of a Dino park is getting a little old. Attendances at the park are suffering.

As a result of this, the corporation who funded Richard Hammond's dream of a Jurassic World want a new attraction. And what they come up with is a new, genetically engineered Dinosaur, the Diabolus Rex, or D-Rex.

The Diabolus Rex, genetically modified killer!
The Diabolus Rex, genetically modified killer!

This savage, unnatural creature combines the genes of a cuttlefish, a snake, a velociraptor and a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Naturally, it is not the calmest of animals. And it is expected that it is the introduction of the Diabolus Rex to Jurassic World that will cause the catastrophic events of the movie to take place.

Jurassic World: Create Your Own Dinosaur!

The idea of a genetically engineered dinosaur has not pleased all fans, but it does raise an interesting question: if you could splice any two dinosaurs genes together to create a Dino of your own, which would you choose?

Let's run through a few potential creations:

Pachycephalosaurus + Dilophosaurus: Jurassic Punk Rock

Spitting and head butting dinosaur!
Spitting and head butting dinosaur!

This dinosaur would be a bit of a punk rocker, combing the thick skull of the head butting dinosaur, the Pachycephalosaurus, and the goo-spitting of the Dilophosaurus, made famous by the original Jurassic Park movie.

If you meet this one if [Jurassic World](movie:32752), it might be best to approach from behind!

Pterodactyl + Stegosaurus: Death From Above!

Pterodactyl + Stegosaurus = flying killer!
Pterodactyl + Stegosaurus = flying killer!

The Pterodactyl is undoubtedly the most famous flying dinosaur, and they can be seen soaring above the island of Isla Nublar in the leaked Jurassic Park concept art, but what would make these winged creatures really dangerous would be a tail whit which they could swoop down and take out their prey. They solution? Combine it with a stegosaurus!

Ornithomimid + Iguanadon: A Quick Death!

Running and stabbing while flashing thumbs up!
Running and stabbing while flashing thumbs up!

For the last genetically modified Dinosaur, you take the fastest dinosaur that ever walked the earth, the ostrich like Ornithomimids and give it the massive, deadly thumbs of the Iguanadon. This dinosaur can run rings around its prey, and stab it to death with its knife-like thumbs.

Don't worry too much, though, as both dinosaurs were most likely herbivores.

So which of these dinosaurs do you think would be most dangerous? And what Dinos would you splice together to create a new attraction for Jurassic World?

Write in with your own ideas and suggestions below the line!


Which genetically modified dinosaur would you include in Jurassic World?


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