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In what was easily the most memorable and talked about scene in the entire film, Quicksilver’s rescue of his much older mutant companions in X-Men: Days of Future Past has gone down in comic book movie history as one of the most interesting character-focused scenes thus far. But what went into making that scene?

While it wasn't widely talked about before the film came out, Bryan Singer gladly shared hints via twitter, with this behind the scenes photo of the set:

So what made this scene so unique?

Simple Answer: The Tech Team.

The crew filmed with special cameras known as Phantoms, which shoot up to 3600 frames per second. The editors sped up the frame rate on everything but Evan Peters, who portrays Quicksilver in the film, then shot the actor at regular speed - effectively creating the feeling that Peters was moving much, much faster than the world around him.

To shoot his run on the wall, the crew built a camera rig that circled the room and followed the stuntman along the wall. This rig was actually pretty dangerous: even while constructed by professionals, it ran the risk of spiraling out of control if it flew too fast.

Writer Simon Kinberg told CinemaBlend:

What was amazing about the Quicksilver scene is that it’s somewhat visual effects, but it is mostly special effects and camera work. Meaning we had a high-speed camera – a bunch of cameras – that were on rigs that were circling with him. So most of that [scene] was shot in camera.

This particular stunt took days of rehearsal before it shot, and it came out perfect. This scene was a defining moment in the movie for me: in the comics, it's not often that you see Quicksilver very clearly portrayed as the hero in a scene that belongs entirely to him (House of M aside). It shows that the snarky, rude speedster has a little heart in him.

Are there any particular "hero scenes" -- whether actually heroic or just an incredible spotlight -- that stand out to you in superhero movies? Let me know down in the comments!


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