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HD57 muZic

so browsiing on the internet late this year!
i discovered this awesome music video
by trinidadian singer songwriter "HD57"
the singer told fan bases and others the music video was inspired by 2014's "mkx" AND ninja assassin!


check out the amazing video here-
being shared by worldhype tv. and other creative sites
the HD57 fan base is rising with this
ultimate music video based on these movies and games.!!
what do you think?
for one i am now a fan of HD57 for making this video!
what do you say ?!
did mkx and ninja assasin did a good job influenceing
this kid to make this awesome video???
its called"behind these scars" check it out

behind the scenes of HD57 behind these scars
behind the scenes of HD57 behind these scars

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