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“My name is Oliver Queen. After five years on a hellish island, I have come home with only one goal- to save my city.” Episode 1, Season 1 – I heard those words and I was in…they hooked me. As season 3 approaches, I have been feeling that the show is progressively devolving into a CW fever dream. Here are my biggest concerns with the direction the show is taking as we lead up to the season premier on October 8th.

1. Season 2 – does Oliver have to hook up with every female character on the show?

I am starting to wonder if Thea isn’t getting interested. As a fan of the comic I feel the “billionaire playboy” side of Queen was a much smaller part of the character than it is becoming in the show. Does this have to be a soap opera to get good ratings? What's the opening shot of the Season 3 trailer? Ollie and Felicity hooking up [Finally?!?]

2. Character development

By the end of season 1, the show runners gave us such a clear picture of how Oliver became the Green Arrow, from his time on the island. It was so well done. Sometimes in Season 2 I felt like they were trying to figure out how to work in flashbacks to keep that arc going – I am curious to see what their plan is to link up the story arc from the flashbacks to the present day, Season 3 will reveal a lot about where we go from here. Aside from Laurel (and maybe Moira) I feel the characters haven't developed that much.

3. Future storylines from the comics

A lot of the best story lines from the comic came when Ollie collaborated with Hal Jordan. Maybe we will see that in the show, but not if we keep spending episodes trying to figure how who Ollie’s next girlfriend will be? [Get on line Laurel, it forms to the left after Felicity Smoak apparently]

4. Arrow is definitely an anomaly for the current CW line-up.

Producing shows for young adults is nothing new for them, but comic based shows are new for them (I am really not going to count Smallville). Look I loved 7th Heaven as much as the next guy – but…

5. Who is the audience?

It’s a blessing and a curse; Arrow has appealed to a lot of different kinds of people, which has afforded the show some great ratings. But it also begs the question – who are they trying to win over? This could easily be Vampire Diaries part 2 in a season if ratings slip.

CW, I hope you guys can recapture the brilliance of season 1. You nailed it. Season 1 was so well done. You have a great cast, and great source material. Please don’t turn Star City into Dawson’s Creek.

Thank you.

Moviepilot Arrow fans, what say you? Am I off here – do we have anything to worry about?


Should Arrow fans be worried that the show will become a soap-opera?


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