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"A day without laughter is a day wasted." -Charlie Chaplin .
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Before I start this list let's make it very clear that not all of the titles I've listed below are here because they were "terrible" films. The article title "wtf did I just watch?" is geared towards horror films that had me contemplating whether they were real or not, had me laughing so hard at the silliness of it all, made me feel somewhat uncomfortable and confused at times.

Something to be mindful about: This (short) list is based on movies that I've watched. I know there are a lot of horror movies out there, but I don't believe in posting on a movie that I haven't seen yet. If there's a movie that you would like me to watch, feel free to leave the title in the comments section below. For the most part I will be just listing the titles of the film and throwing in some bits and pieces about the movie. I have a lot of horror films to catch up with and I repeat - Feel free to leave the title of a movie I should watch in the comments section below, thank you!


Cannibal Holocaust

The infamous turtle butchering  (They killed a real turtle in the movie)
The infamous turtle butchering (They killed a real turtle in the movie)

No, just no! This movie had so many "wtf" moments and this is one of the few movies on my list that's terrible. Cannibal Holocaust is an Italian-made film directed by Ruggero Deodato, a man that is known for his over-the-top gore and violence. If you've watched any of Eli Roth's films you'll understand right away where he adopted his style from. In 1981 Cannibal Holocaust was dubbed as a snuff film by a french magazine stating allegations that the actors in the movie were actually murdered. This led to Deodato being arrested and sent to court. To make things worse, none of the actors could testify because they signed a contract that they would remain hidden from all media for an entire year after the movie was released.

Fortunately, they were able to gather all of the actors and all was good, kinda. The movie is still highly criticized for its cruelty towards animals, graphic violence, and gore. This movie isn't for everyone, but I'll give a lot of credit and respect to the dedication of "realism" this film went for.

If you're into random gore and violence then this movie is right up your alley.


The Human Centipede 2 (Full Sequence)

Which eye am I suppose to look at?
Which eye am I suppose to look at?

The Human Centipede, the hit horror movie on Netflix back in 2010. I remember the first Human Centipede had me cracking up, and trust me it wasn't the whole eating feces to survive, situation. It was so absurd that you couldn't help but crack a smile. Now, the sequel is a different story all together! They took the sequel to whole new level from (spoilers) a woman giving birth to her baby, then stepping on its head, a centipede crawling down a man's ass crack, and a sexually harassing therapist... Bring the whole family!


The Upper Footage

This movie got me really good.
This movie got me really good.

Some spoilers below:

Words cannot express how uncomfortable and pissed off I was while watching this movie. This actually proves how genius this movie really is though. When I was asked a few months ago to watch/review this movie I was all down for it! I heard that it was real footage of an actual murder that happened and from all the press behind it I really believed this was legit. As I watched the film it really felt believable from the (stereotypical) privileged-rich white youngsters that mooch off of mommy and daddy's fortune. From the beginning to the middle of the film it had me actually hating these characters! Their obnoxious behavior was so damn believable.

I must admit after watching Upper the first time I didn't want anything to do with it. Until I watched it the second time and realized how good this movie really is once you get around the whole fact it's not actually real, haha. The way it was marketed back in 2010 all the way to 2013 is simply brilliant. You have to appreciate a movie that actually makes you hate the characters, which isn't necessarily a bad thing! When you can make fictional characters actually affect you in some psychological or emotional way, you know the writing is good.

The Upper Footage is directed and written by Justin Cole who did a hell of a job pushing this project. A great film if you're into found footage horror flicks that actually make you think when you're finished watching.


The Devil's Rejects

Good ole Cutter aka Captain Spaulding
Good ole Cutter aka Captain Spaulding

The "Wtf Did I Just Watch" award might as well to Rob Zombie's - The Devil's Rejects. This movie is far from a masterpiece, but it was hilariously-entertaining to me. Which is kinda strange to say about a horror film that glorifies murder, incest, torture, and rape. That went dark fast... What made it entertaining for me was that it was clear as day that Rob Zombie wasn't trying to take this movie too seriously. The Devil's Rejects at times reminded me of a cheesy 1970's horror film.

If you're a fan of Rob Zombie's work you'll like this movie no doubt. This is a good pick if you're in the mood for a horror/comedy.


I Spit on Your Grave (1978)

The bathtub scene always makes me cringe!
The bathtub scene always makes me cringe!

A horror classic and still a heavily controversial film. I Spit on Your Grave tells the story of a young, attractive writer, Jennifer Hills. She travels to the countryside of Litchfield County, Connecticut to write her first novel. It begins to seem like her presence in the small town of Kent is attracting unwanted attention. The story quickly turns from a young independent woman trying to accomplish her dream, to a horrific rape story then a gruesome revenge story towards the end. I'm not entirely sure how the majority of the female audience reacted towards this film, but I know the women I've spoken with are usually 50/50 about I Spit on Your Grave.

You can take the movie as a disrespectful and degrading project towards women. You can take the movie as a badass revenge flick. You can take the movie as somewhat of a social experiment. Everyone approaches this differently.


Trust me, I understand there are far more graphic horror films out there, but a lot of them didn't do much for me besides saying - "This is some ole bullshit."

What's your "Wtf Did I Just Watch?" horror movie?


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