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Bettina Walker

I think that the MCU's biggest mistake was making Hawkeye into a strong, silent bad ass assassin ala Marvel Ultimate Universe and not making him a wise cracking, scene stealing class clown from the original universe in all his purple spandex'd glory.

I think that strictly making Tony Stark (RDJ) into the motor mouth pain in the @$$ while shortchanging Hawkeye was a major mistake on their part.

I am a HUGE fan of Jeremy Renner but he just doesn't seem to really care about the role or MCU as a whole and they've bastardized his original character. He'd have been better off as someone like the Paladin or Scourge where he'd pop in from time to time but disappear for long stretches. Jeremy Renner himself has stated that he has no desire to headline a solo movie for the character.

I think that Josh Holloway (Sawyer, LOST) would've been perfect as the classic, wise ass Hawkeye as we all remember him. That is what is upsetting everyone so much. We see so little of him and he barely says two words! Not like Hawkeye would act, at all.

Please just imagine Holloway (aka Sawyer) annoying Fury or Coulson or flirting with Maria Hill or the Black Widow?

He'd even pop up on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. from time to time and thus the Mockingbird connection is made. I am quite sure that Holloway would do it since he seems to love his life at the moment.

Anyone else agree?


Should Marvel recast Hawkeye with Josh Holloway?


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