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You know it's not a good sign when you're sitting in the cinema for two hours but it feels like four.

Liam Neeson stars in this new crime thriller about a retired police officer turned private detective who is hired by a drug dealer (Dan Stevens) to find out who captured and killed his wife. At least it's not one of Neeson's characters relations or we'd have ourselves a Taken 3. Oh wait, that is actually happening.

Thrown straight into the action, we learn a bit about Matt Scudder's life and past. Why he retired and his alcohol problems, however none of these things seem to matter to the plot or bring anything new to the table. An ex cop whose a drunk takes a bad shot, retires from his job blah blah blah. Nothing extremely significant about his past is built into the story leaving little room for character background and development.

Liam Neeson has become such a type cast of this action, thriller guy that it's starting to get old. He does a good job as the detective but I think it would have been 10x more interesting to see someone else take on the role. Surrounded by a large supporting cast, there was no room for anyone to stand out. They all played their parts and that was about it, which is such a waste with a hard hitting story like this.

For a crime thriller, their was a certain lack of tension built up through the film. The slow pace throughout didn't aid the drawn out ending that just kept going and going. I have to admit I felt scared for the characters safety and what would happen next but I couldn't help but ask myself 'will this ever end?'. I was expecting a fast paced, action thriller with great acting and a twist ending. What I got was a slow, mediocre thriller, with okay acting and a missing sense of mystery.

When you reveal the identity of the killer half way through the film, you don't leave the audience much to figure out. This is a closed world, much of it felt unexplored, the drug dealers world, his sidekick's life style. These supporting characters background stories could have been an interesting plot device in this film, but we are told so little information about them it all seems as though the script forgot about them as a character.

What could have been this years 'Prisoners' wasted its cast and concepts potential and didn't leave me theorising after it ended.

2.5/5 stars


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