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Is anyone else as excited as I am that The Flash and Arrow are getting a crossover episode? Apparently things aren't gonna be "buddy-buddy" between Ollie and Barry like the above picture suggests...but there's going to be a fight scene between them instead! What!?

New set photos shown below show both Stephen Amell and Grant Gustin getting ready to fight each other for the 8th episode of their new seasons (in a 2 hour long crossover episode, yes!).

Ollie was last seen during the extended trailer for The Flash, giving Barry back his own advice about wearing a mask. I wonder what happened in between that time to lead to this moment when they face off...too many questions and only a few answers. October needs to come faster!

In the meantime, I guess we just have to feast our eyes on more set photos while waiting impatiently for the premieres.

Check them out below!

Me when The Flash and Arrow finally premiere
Me when The Flash and Arrow finally premiere

You guys have no idea how excited I am for these two shows' premieres and crossover episodes. Don't these new pictures make you wish it were October already?

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