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Just a little while ago, Batman-News dropped new photos from the set of [Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870), showing off the location for what they say is 1007 Mountain Drive - better known as Wayne Manor:

images from Batman-News
images from Batman-News

In the film, the manor is supposed to be a bit dilapidated, with Bruce Wayne living in a cottage on the property, just above the Batcave. While it may appear small, CGI can add towers upon towers to the iconic manor - and it's aesthetic matches it's predecessors pretty well, if you ask me!

Knebworth House - Batman & Batman Returns

Knebworth House - exterior
Knebworth House - exterior

The exterior of the first Tim Burton Batman film was a gothic tudor mansion 28 miles outside of London known as Knebworth House. I've always loved the silhouette this place has - it's less of a mansion and more of a castle, keeping Batman in something of a timeless world. This reminds me of what I'd heard about the settings in Gotham, too, where computers and high-tech props were exchanged for more practical objects. The Gotham I've always imagined is one suspended in time, just distant enough for viewers and readers to get taken away to.

Worth mentioning is Hatfield House, which served as the interior for Wayne Manor in this film.

Scale Model - Batman Returns

Wayne Manor took a turn for the dark(er) in the next film, and to achieve that iconic dreary look, Burton and his team did what they so often do best: build scale models of it. This model reminds me much more of the classic Bruce Timm-style renditions of the manor, and anything within the Batman world that's influenced by Bruce Timm is usually a-ok with me. This shot is totally worthy of your desktop background, by the way.

Webb Institute - Batman Forever, Batman & Robin

Joel Schumacher moved Wayne Manor stateside in his films, trading out the goth-noir silhouette for a more modern, industrial look. Out in the boonies of New York (and it's New York, so obviously the houses in the boonies are all works of art) known as Glen Cove, this was where Robin accidentally found that entrance to the Batcave, and decided he was cool with wearing a nipple suit.

Batman Begins - Mentmore Towers in Buckinghamshire

Christopher Nolan then took Wayne manor back across the ocean to Buckinghamshire, his take on Bruce Wayne residing in a castle with a vast staircase leading up to the front door. Unfortunately, this version of the manor was partially destroyed in the film, which sent Bruce Wayne and Alfred to a high-rise apartment in Gotham City while construction went on.

Wollaton Hall - The Dark Knight Rises

Taking place eight years after the massive damage done to the manor in batman Begins, this film's Wayne Manor ditches many of the pointed tops, looking modest in comparison to it's predecessor. At the end of the film, Bruce gives half of the building to Alfred, and converts the other half into an orphanage, named after his parents.

I think that a more modest look for Wayne Manor really fits the Bruce Wayne we've been told to expect in Dawn of Justice - darker, less lavish, and more focused on his work.


What do you think of the new Wayne Manor?


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