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The Daily Marvelite has claimed that [The Avengers 3](movie:738027) will be split into two parts with the battle against Thanos.

The Daily Marvelite said:

Okay folks, we have been working really hard to try and confirm this scoop, and we can say that we are pretty confident of its content, hence why we decided to publish it. According to a source closed to Marvel studios, the battle against Thanos will require more than one movie to be given its proper weight. In fact, the massive battle between earth's mightiest heroes and the mad titan is so complicated and big that it will require a two part movie to give it its due.

The main facts they pointed out were:

Remember when Marvel announced a mysterious movie for May 3rd 2019? Well, many thought that Avengers 3 will come four years after Age of Ultron, only to be rectified by Marvel studios president, Kevin Feige who hinted that the threequel will be released, as previously thought, in 2018, three years after Age of Ultron. Few days later the studio locked the May 4th of that same year for another untitled movie. According to our source, Marvel studios is considering the option (as of last year but have now made a decision) of having Earth's mightiest heroes begin the battle in Avengers 3, coming out May 2018, only to be concluded in an untitled May 3rd 2019 movie.
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The question is will it be a Avengers 3 and Avengers 4 situation? Or will it be a Avengers: Unknown Subtitle - Part 1 and Avengers: Unknown Subtitle - Part 2 situation?

What do you think?


Parts or separate movies?


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