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Villains are known for being well...villainous, you know. In the midst of scaring the living daylights out of us, we've seen Michael Myers, Jason, Leatherface, Freddy and the rest of the frightening bunch do some pretty epic stuff. So in here I'm going to go over what I think are the 10 most epic Slasher villain moments.

P.S: You may see a few villains appear on this list more than once!

10. Chucky's New Hand

The first on my list is this gruesome moment from my personal favorite Child's Play film, Child's Play 2. Which shows a frustrated Chucky ripping off his hand and attaching a force more lethal to his mangled arm. In this scene you can really feel the pain in his voice as he does the undo-able.

9. Freddy Takes Jason's Mask Back Down To The Depths Of Hell

After a long and successful decade for Slasher villains like Jason, Michael, Freddy, Chucky, and the rest; fans all around were hungry for a match up between their favorite movie monsters. Since Jason and Freddy had been under the same company, it was logical for them to put these two against each other. After realizing that, they included this surprising end to Jason Goes To Hell. Setting the tone for the actual film 10 years later.

8. Leatherface Slams Door

That's right, number 8 on my list is something as simple as Leatherface slamming a door. Why is this on my list for being an epic moment, you ask? It's because of the serious mental and visual effect it has on you. A scene with not much blood or gore at all, manages to scare you senseless... and it's because of one thing, Leatherface!

7. Jason's Resurrection

Straight from the height of Slasher movies itself, was this badass moment from Friday the 13th 6. After being disappointed by Friday the 13th 5, people wanted the real Jason back. So, just like in Halloween 4, they decided to cash in on their iconic villain once more. Resulting in them bringing Jason back in the best way, and in the midst of that was this incredible scene. See for yourself:

6. Norman Bates Realizes ''We All Go a Little Mad Sometimes''

From the grandfather of all Slasher movies, Psycho definitely isn't a ''Stalk-n-Slash'' type movie. And probably couldn't be back in those days either, quite honestly. So instead we get a good story, surprising kills, and eerie conversations. This conversation in particular is especially creepy. Because the audience isn't quite sure what Norman Bates' real motives and intentions are but are sure something isn't quite right when he acts out of character when speaking of his mother and begins talking theoretically about being crazy:

5. Freddy Krueger Kills Johnny Depp

Next on this list of epic villain moments is that one time Freddy Krueger sucked Johnny Depp's character into his own bed, end of story... It's all you need:

4. Pinhead's Int

The best scene from the original Hellraiser is definitely Pinhead and the cenobites' introduction. It's also probably one of the best intros to a Slasher villain ever. I think about 80% of that is just because of that sinister bell sound, and Pinhead with his awesomely evil quotes. Especially when he responds to the question of who he is. And replies with... well you'll see:

3. Michael Myers Disappears

I've mentioned this Myers scene plenty before, and now is the time to again! This epic Michael Myers moment is from the original Halloween, at the end of the movie. Just when everyone thinks he's down for good. It cuts to where he was. Revealing he had escaped...and ultimately was exactly what Dr. Loomis said he is; evil. Afterwards we see Dr. Loomis understandably frustrated, the Halloween score starts to play, and a cut to all of the places Michael had been, and could be is shown. Leaving the audience in utter shock and fear for what they might encounter when leaving the theater.

2. Freddy and Jason Finally Fight

A 10 year fantasy was finally made a reality in 2003 when Freddy and Jason finally fought. And even though they did try and make it to where Jason was the good guy towards the end, we still got a pretty good fight scene, and an epic villainous moment was created when Freddy and Jason finally go face to face in between smoke and fire. I definitely lost my cool when I first saw this part:

1. Michael Myers Reaches His Goal

Ironic how this is number 1 on my list of epic Slasher villain moments, being that it is from a pretty bad Halloween flick. Anyways, I chose this as number 1 because like in Freddy vs Jason this moment has been anticipated for a long time coming. Of course when it finally happened it made a great scene for Laurie Strode...and an epic scene for Michael Myers himself:

That makes it for my list of epic Slasher villain moments! Hopefully more will come with future films from each franchise. But until then, answer this one question...


Which Of These Epic Slasher Villain Moments Did YOU Enjoy Most?


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