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Probably one of the greatest nerd topics of all time: The Comic Book Hunger Games and who would win? Now if you don't know what the Comic Book Hunger Games are, it is a Hunger Games based situation that includes any kind of comic book character and has them fight to the death.

Sounds freaking cool right?

Well it is, but it has always been a heated topic between a ton of people and I'm here to bring my Comic Book Hunger Games and who would win!

Please read: I am aware this post will probably cause huge controversy and disagreement about either the characters or winner. I would like to remind everyone that this is my own personal opinion and what I think would be a great game and who would win it. I also tried to be as original as possible, so, please steer away from totally going ballistic because again, my own game and opinion.

For my Comic Book Hunger Games, I'm including a wide variety of heroes and villains and listing them with another hero in a district. I will also be listing what order in which they die, which is unique to most list I saw.


  • 24 characters, age and gender don't matter (But, it will not be all male)
  • No sponsors (To make it simple)
  • There is little preparation and training (Somewhat an out of nowhere game)
  • Can't bring any outside weapons (Except for Iron Man's suit)
  • Districts don't really matter it's just fun to put them in districts
  • The characters have to kill in order to survive (or else it wouldn't be a Hunger Games)
  • I will not be going into detail on how they killed a certain character (So just trust me that the character found a way to kill that character)
  • Batman is not allowed to participate (I can't image him killing, but I wish I could add him)
  • Dr. Manhattan is not allowed to participate (He would win in an instant)
  • Only one winner (None of that "berry" stuff)

Are you ready? Well let the games begin and may the odds be ever in their favor!

District 1: Shazam and Superman

District 2: Thanos and Apocalypse

District 3: Lobo and Black Adam

District 4: Reverse-Flash and Carnage

District 5: The Sentry and Thor

District 6: Wolverine and Green Lantern

District 7: Iron Man (Hulkbuster) and The Hulk

District 8: Supergirl and Wonder Woman

District 9: Captain Marvel and Ms. Marvel

District 10: Silver Surfer and Nova

District 11: Dr. Doom and Loki

District 12: Power Girl and She-Hulk

Now for the Game:

Here comes the controversy. I will be listing the order in which they die and who they were killed by. Remember that everyone is fighting everyone, so anyone could kill anyone these are just my thoughts on who would kill that person. Again this is my own personal list and this is made for people to either agree or disagree. You may not agree with the winner or the ones killed, and that's okay, this list was made for fun anyway, so it should not be taken seriously. Also, list your kills and killers in the comments below!

Order of Death:

  • 1. Iron Man (Killed by Shazam)
  • 2. Ms. Marvel (Killed by Reverse-Flash)
  • 3. Green Lantern (Killed by Silver Surfer)
  • 4. Carnage (Killed by The Sentry)
  • 5. Supergirl (Killed by Captain Marvel)
  • 6. She-Hulk (Killed by Black Adam)
  • 7. Shazam (Killed by The Sentry)
  • 8. Loki (Killed by Wolverine)
  • 9. Dr. Doom (Killed by Thanos)
  • 10. Nova (Killed by Silver Surfer)
  • 11. Lobo (Killed by Thanos)
  • 12. Apocalypse (Killed by Thanos)
  • 13. Thanos (Killed by The Sentry)
  • 14. Captain Marvel (Killed by Black Adam)
  • 15. Black Adam (Killed by Hulk)
  • 16. Power Girl (Killed by Superman)
  • 17. Reverse-Flash (Killed by Wolverine)
  • 18. Thor (Killed by Superman)
  • 19. Silver Surfer (Killed by Wonder Woman)
  • 20. Wonder Woman (Killed by The Hulk)
  • 21. The Hulk (Killed by Superman and The Sentry)
  • 22. Wolverine (Killed by Superman)
  • 23. Superman (Killed by The Sentry)

Winner: The Sentry

WHAT? Dude are you crazy?

Yes, just a little. But, many people who know comics well enough know that this is a logical pick (or at least a logical contender for the win).

The Sentry is extremely powerful, so powerful that his strength is incalculable, has telepathy, manipulates light energy, accelerated healing, invulnerability, resurrection, and the list goes on and on. Most people even say Superman is the most overpowered hero ever, and I would say back, "Have you heard of The Sentry?"

Sure, I understand some think Sentry is boring and overpowered, but in a Hunger Games match, Sentry would win with his incredible power (in my opinion).

Did you like my Comic Book Hunger Games? Do you have some changes you want to make? What's your Comic Book Hunger Games? Tell me in the comments below, take that poll and follow me for more incredible stuff! Thanks for reading!

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Who would win the Superhero Hunger Games?


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