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Well, it has been a long while since I have posted anything on Moviepilot. I spent a lot of time studying my superheroes, because many people thought I didn't know what I was really saying. So I say now: I'm back and ready to tell you what I'm CRAVING with actual knowledge of comics! Today, we will be looking at the villains I want for the next (or any) Green Lantern movie!

If you are new to my CRAVE series, here is a little guide.

I usually name three characters and go in depth, but still keep it sort, of why I chose them. I usually give a description and mini-history of the character (this article I did not sadly) and give my argument on why I chose them.

After the three characters, I give a conclusion and a CRAVABLE mention list. The list consist of characters that I didn't go in depth about, but still would like them to be in a movie (kind of like an honorable mention list). Then to top it all off, I give a fun little poll of what you guys are CRAVING. Hope you enjoy!

Sinestro and Sinestro Corp

In my weird and odd mind, the 2011 Green Lantern movie wasn't that bad. And one of the things I loved about is was Mark Strong's Sinestro. I thought he was the perfect role and didn't really disappoint. What they need to do is get an all new Green Lantern, start all over, but keep Mark Strong. Sure, it might seem weird and many would disagree, but if we don't tell his origin this time and just get right on when he is the fearful Sinestro,all would be good. Plus he is Green Lantern's arch-enemy and former mentor, which makes for a great rivalry.

Not only should they bring back Sinestro in [Green Lantern 2](movie:593221), but they should introduce the entire Sinestro Corp with there power coming from the emotion of Fear. That in my mind, would make for a great and interesting movie.

The Red Lantern Corp

Probably my (and a lot of other people's) favorite Lantern Corp. Similar to all the other Lantern Corps, except for they're red and they get there power from the emotion of Anger. This would make for a great sequel, where the Green Lanterns battle the Red Lanterns in a bloody war. As you could probably tell from the picture, they're a pretty sick, ruthless, and vicious group which would make for great battles and a great movie. I think many Green Lantern fans would agree with me that including them in a movie is the right move.


I know, I know, I added another Lantern Corp, but that's because they're so awesome! Larfleeze is considered the Gollum of the DC universe. That's mainly because he holds his orange lantern and doesn't let anyone else have it, just like Gollum with the ring. He is the only member of the Orange Lanterns, because the emotion that powers the lantern is Greed. Which greedy people don't usually share.

He would be a most interesting villain to see in an Green Lantern movie. Probably not as the main antagonist, but a great secondary due to the fact he isn't evil, he is just...greedy! Not only would it make for a great story but Larfleeze has some funny moments. He could be are comic edge to the action movie.

Do you disagree? Did I say something you think is wrong? Does my grammar suck? Well tell me in the comments below of what ever you please and don't forget to follow me for more CRAVE articles and Pollurments! Thanks for reading!

Below are some CRAVABLE mentions that should be in a Green Lantern movie!



Black Hand



What Green Lantern villain do you CRAVE?


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