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There is no ocean too far for Maud McGarry as she sets out in search of long lost
Uncle Harry, ‘The Sailor’. Join a journey from Scotland to New Zealand in this short film dedicated to the world’s oceans and to the Maori people of Aotearoa, New Zealand. Short film Mana Moana (‘Spirit of the Sea’) is now crowdfunding for postproduction funds on Indiegogo.

In 1981 on the west coast of Scotland 10 year old Maud McGarry has a special
connection with the sea and a special ability to transport herself through time and space in a liquid fashion.
Living alone with her grandmother, Maud is fascinated by a picture album of her
Uncle Harry who jumped ship some time before she was born to marry his Maori sweetheart.
All grown up, it’s time for Maud to embark on her journey to New Zealand in search of answers, adventure and lost connections. Her ensuing quest will not disappoint on a road littered with a mix of comic, tragic, mysterious and heart warming interludes and a very unexpected resolution.

Filmed on location in the Bay of Islands, Mana Moana was shot over three weeks.
Mana Moana was made entirely by two people plus bucket loads of inspiration,
faith and fun,” says film-maker Linda McGuire who collaborated with
cinematographer Adam Hogg.

Funds from the Indiegogo campaign will be used for a variety of post production
elements to get Mana Moana ready for theatrical screening and to prepare Mana
Moana for the international film festival circuit. Contributors to the campaign will automatically be part of Mana Moana as it makes its journey around the globe: every single contributor to the campaign will have their name included in the film’s credits.

Come along for Maud’s journey across the sea on the adventure she’s waited her
entire life for!


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