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John Edakul

These are a list of reasons why I would think Jupiter Ascending will be a great addition to science fiction genre:

1. It's directed by the Wachowski brothers, partners who have directed and changed the science fiction genre for ever with movies like the Matrix trilogy and Cloud Atlas (which is my favourite film of 2012, I felt it was better than any movie out then in terms of creativity and storytelling)

2. Sean Bean or A.K.A Eddard Stark a person who all Game of Thrones geeks will know and he provides an emotional driven performance through the action studded film

3. Mila Kunis and Channing Tatum, these are two people who can grace the silver screen with elegance and enough charisma to involve you into the movies vision and also bring in younger audiences.

4. Great action sequences, we have been given a mere glimpse into what to expect from this epic space opera that is to unfold but the action sequences taken into space, full on with gun fight, spaceships, and hand to hand combat with hovercraft, almost seems like everything I love about science fiction is in one movie alone.

5. It is going to being a unique narrative, inspired by Matrix and Star Wars expect a lot of fun and mind bending theories about life as we know it.

Jupiter Ascending releasing on February 4th 2015


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