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Jerome Maida

Buzz and excitement continues to grow for the "Painkiller Jane" film.

Jen Soska, who along with her sister Sylvia Soska is directing the picture, feels there is a very good reason people are so eagerly anticipating a "Painkiller Jane" feature film - and stresses that she would like to see more films with female leads coming from Hollywood.

"We need more films with female heroes that aren't in the side kick or girlfriend role", Jen Soska told me. "I want to see films where the main hero is female - and I want as much care put into them as films starring male heroes."

"Jane is such a strong character", Jen Soska continued. "She doesn't take shit from anyone and she doesn't rely on anyone else to save her. She's also a very human and real character. She fucks up sometimes. She cares about the people around her. She's a great cop."

[Painkiller Jane](movie:1256354) - originally co-created in a comic book by Jimmy Palmiotti and Joe Quesada in 1995 - has always been a fan-favorite in the comic-book world, yet both a TV-movie and TV-series never seemed to truly capture the character's essence. As a result, neither were terrible. However, neither version really resonated with viewers either.

However, the passion Jen Soska has for the project should be an important factor in making sure the feature film version of Painkiller Jane is the one that clicks with - and is remembered by - the general public.


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