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We can all agree that Gotham started of very well, with a kick ass pilot! The episode was full of great Easter eggs for the fans, and had that great overall comic book feel to it, especially Penguin! But while we are on the note of Easter Eggs, I picked up on something that may hint towards a future reveal. If you don't want this potentially spoiled for you, then stop reading now!

Right, as everyone probably knows, Joe Chill is the murderer of Thomas and Martha Wayne. The only time that I recall this being changed was when Tim Burton made the Joker murder the Waynes in 1989's Batman movie, but I believe [Gotham](series:1127075) is now adding it's own twist to the murder. Now some of the major details that Bruce gave Gordon were that the killer wore shiny black shoes, and a BLACK MASK. Now for those of you who don't understand this reference, Black Mask is a major Batman villain.

You've never heard of me?
You've never heard of me?

I may be reading too much into it. but why mention the colour? In most movies, they just say the killer wore a mask, or a balaclava, they never mention the colour! It might just be Gotham trying to drop major hints for the huge fans out there, or just another Easter Egg to set us into a frenzy, but why include the shiny shoes? It's known to fans that Black Mask always looks his best when fighting Batman. Just look at his appearance in Arkham Origins, he fought Batman in a gleaming White suit!


Some of you may be thinking that "It was Falcone that ordered the Waynes to be murdered" but did he really? As far as we know, Falcone just wanted Pepper to take the fall so his city would be at ease. What if Sionis Industries (Black Masks business) is living in the shadow of Wayne Enterprise? It would make sense for him to hire one of his goons to take them out after all, Harvey did say that the killer may have a vendetta against the Waynes. It is also possible that he and Fish Mooney are looking to knock Falcone off of his throne hence why she planted the necklace in Peppers apartment. After all, they both would benefit very largely from it. She would take over the Falcone operation, and he would have him out of the way. Obviously that would lead to a full out gang war with both trying to take one another out, but is it all that surprising?

A little far fetched I know, but just think about it? It would make way for a brilliant finale and a brilliant twist. Since this is a cop show, the gang war seems like a brilliant Batmanesque storyline that wouldn't have to include Batman.

Who knows? Maybe the Red Hood is working for one of the organizations before he becomes the Joker, and a gang fight breaks out at Vick Chemicals and he falls in the acid? After all, we know that Joker will make an appearance. This could possibly lead to an Arkham Origins style storyline for season 2, where Joker assumed the Identity of Black Mask to destroy his business.


I may be looking way too much into it, but just take this with a pinch of salt, and really try to think about it!


What do you guys think? Is Black Mask behind the Wayne murder?


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