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You may remember Mr. Scott Michael Foster as eternally youthful Cappie from Greek, or Gary on Parenthood, but the actor is currently reinventing himself yet again in not one but two highly visible and buzzworthy projects: Chasing Life and Once Upon A Time. The latter, in particular, is a huge score for the actor, being able to adapt a character from the most successful Disney film of all time, on a hugely successful TV show (Once). In our exclusive video interview with the actor below, Scott tells us how being cast as Frozen’s Kristoff on Once Upon A Time is a “fun way to impress the whole family,” who are fans of both the TV show and the film.

And because Scott is no stranger to rising to the challenge as an actor, he is taking on the role of Leo on Chasing Life, recently diagnosed with a brain tumor. He discusses that as well in the clip below. Watch now!

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