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Phew! Boy, its good to be back!


Everyone in agreement say 'aye'!

By now all you folks must have somehow connected my appearance with that of Marvel. And you are right in guessing that.

As the rest of you after a few month long hiatus, I have recently been rejuvenated by the resumption of Agents of SHIELD. Because cmon...there's not a lot of shows out there which can jam in movie , comic and TV universe together and still keep its fans thirsty enough to come back for a second season.

What can be said about the episode that's not already been said? Its brilliant. Period.

A slow start. A sigh of relief as ol' familiar faces come back to star a second time and few new faces make an appearance. To Coulson's nerve-racking calm cool no nonsense Fury attitude and conclusive monologue. Dunno bout you guys but I needed a minute to catch my breath there..

But that's not the reason I write this article. Nor did a find any conclusive proof of the 084 in Marvel comic database. was..should I call it an easter egg? Or a story-driving plot point..?

Whichever it is for the benefit of those who don't want it spoilt don't read on. Repeat ....this is the SPOILER ALERT you've been waiting for! If you haven't watched it and don't want it spoilt don't read on..!

Ok? So done with that? Fine read at your own peril now..

What struck out to me in this premiere episode and drove me to voice my thoughts was one particularly intriguing scene. Yes. The one where Xena gets her hand cut off.. What? That didn't intrigue you?! Seriously?

That racy comment about robotics and how fr it has gone. Obviously a reference to the now infamous Winter Soldier. Now, true-believers and newcomers alike...I'd like to take back your thoughts. Which other character flaunts a metal arm? An Agent of SHIELD who lost an arm during a "car acident" during the term of her mission?

Yes..that's right! Misty Knight! I know , I know...I'm a white supremacist now... But cmon! The coincidences are hard to miss! The slightly altered backstory an *ahem* ethnicity might be enough to drive my points null and void. But I rest my case for you to analyse. I know she seemed quite..out of life the last time we saw her...but this is AoS... the show which is infamous for its strong roots in comic book theory or as Spidey vowed for a while in his 'Amazing' run .. " No one dies..!" This show has taken it quite literally! So here's to Xena... erm, I mean Misty Knight incoming eh?


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