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Gone Girl proved to be critical & commercial success as a novel. As some of you readers may already know , Such novels are bound to have a film adaptation in Hollywood .

Lets see what are the best things for Gone Girl The Movie


Ben Affleck as Nick Dunee :-

I'd say Ben Affleck is a perfect choice for the role as he has a similar kinda body language and his involvement in previous film adaptations of novels like The Town & Argo can be considered as an added advantage for the film.

Rosemund Pike as Amy Elliott-Dunne

You read that right , Rosemund Pike , The Bond Girl from Die Another Day is playing Nick's wife who mysteriously dis-appeared on their 5th Wedding anniversary. So this is probably her first full length role that requires more than just some emotions , I've seen Die Another Day and also Pride & Prejudice , though her role was not brief , she had shown enough maturity in doing serious roles.

Screenplay :-

The Author of [Gone Girl](movie:833123) Gillain Flynn is also penning the screenplay for the film , now that is another big advantage , as the concept also deals with Psychological elements apart from the crime factor in the film , its hard to think of some else in developing the screenplay in a better way than the author herself.


David Fincher is one of the greatest directors in Hollywood who has not fully got his due recognition yet , yeah exactly I'm talking about the Academy Award , It slipped out of his hands not once but twice , in both occasions , I'd say he got edged out. But none the less he is probably one of the very few directors who can adapt Novels into films faithfully. Now its hard for me to type this , but leave aside Fight Club , even though its a cult classic , I don't know how many of you would agree with me over its faithfulness. The Social Network and The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo were great , the Latter is also a Mystery Thriller , which is enough to prove Fincher's capabilities in handling Mystery Thrillers. As for the Psychological Elements go , He has dealt with it in Se7en , His direction alone is one big reason to watch Gone Girl.

Academy Award Perspectives :-

1)Best Director - David Fincher

2)Best Adapted Screenplay - Gillian Flynn

3)Best Actor - Ben Affleck

4)Best Actress - Rosemund Pike

5)Best Supporting Actor - Neil Patrick Harris

6)Best Picture

I'm not very sure about this prediction of its Academy Award Perspective but its almost certain that it would get at least 3 of the predicted nominations.


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