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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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If you're struggling over what to do this Halloween, look no further - throw a perfect Walking Dead Halloween Party!

There's a ton of cool, simple ideas for minimum effort - maximum fun Halloween partying...just the kind I like.

Keep things atmospheric

Turn off the lights and use candle-light to hold onto that collapse-of-civilization feeling! You can also paint messages onto the walls like in the show: 'We first always' and 'Don't open, dead inside' will work a treat!


Costumes at the ready...

Walking Dead costumes are easier than most. Getting dressed up like zombies is super-fun - just tarnish and splash some old clothes with fake blood (you can make this yourself from corn syrup and red food dye) - or you can just cover some old rags in dust for your post-apocalyptic 'I wear this every day cuz it's the only outfit I have' look...


Eat like Rick and the Gang!

You don't have to be totally hardcore and eat cold beans out of a tin - why not just wash up some tins after putting their contents in Tupperware, and serve your guests some hearty stew in the clean tins?


Whiskey. Always Whiskey.

Whiskey tends to be the drink of choice for the Walking Dead gang, but drinks have a pretty good shelf-life, so you can basically have whatever you want and you're still sticking to in-world realness ;)


Dinner a la Terminus

I'd stop short of serving up human meat, but there's no denying a big Terminus BBQ would be awesome, weather permitting. With a couple of umbrellas around your outdoor grill, you can knock up a bit of Terminus hospitality!


Keep it low-tech

It's fun to get into the mindset of the Walking Dead characters. Well, maybe not the crippling despair of lost loved ones, but playing swapping stories around a campfire, naming a 'Beth' to sing the group a song, spud-gun target practice in the back yard...simple old-fashioned games keep it real.


Of course, if this is all too much effort, you can always just have a Walking Dead TV marathon with some like-minded friends...

Add your awesome Walking Dead party ideas below!


Will you being throwing a Walking Dead party this year?


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