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Fear was so much more real as a child. We all remember vividly imagining unspeakable demons devouring us in the darkness, and conjuring up a level of hysteria that is unthinkable as an adult was an almost daily occurrence.

Artist Joshua Offine recognizes the deep, inescapable power that these childhood terrors have over our psyche and has exploited it to make some spectacularly eerie images.

So, let's drift back and remember those times where you could practically feel the skeletal fingers brushing your feet in bed and see how we fare now we're all grown up!

Wait, That's Not Harry Potter!

Before a famous wizard tamed the wild realm of under-the-stairs, our overactive imaginations used it as a storage place for lumpen monsters.


Tardis of Terror

When you have a creepy dolls head chilling in you bedside table, you're kind of asking for trouble...


I Don't Think That's My Spirit Animal...

We might have dreamt of having a dæmon after reading the Northern Lights Trilogy, but If a wolf with opposable thumbs appears, it's probably not your spirit animal.


Tired of Clowning Around

Hang on a second... You can't make balloon animals with claws. Run kid, RUNNNNNN!


Mommy, Wake Up

Mom better have left enough cash for a lifetime worth of therapy in her will, or we might have another serial killer on our hands here.



I hate to break it to you kid, but teddy isn't going to save you this time.


How Nice of You to Drop in!

Replace the devil with skeletor from He-Man, and you have my own personal childhood night terror.

See more of Joshua's amazingly eerie artwork HERE


What was your most terrifying childhood nightmare?



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