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Jess O'Kane

Sometimes you really do wonder what people are thinking when they go to a tattoo artist.

Not least, this bunch of hardcore Spongebob fans who saw fit to get the Pineapple-dweller permanently scored on their skin.

Let's hope none of these guys ever attempt to become master criminals.


1. The Creepy-Ass Over Excited Spongebob Tattoo

Nightmares. All the nightmares.

2. The Inexplicably Violent Spongebob Tattoo

I don't remember this part of the show...Patrick? Is that you?

3. The Oh Dear God No Spongebob Tattoo


4. The Shiver Me Timbers Spongebob Tattoo

Giving you street cred in punk bars...nowhere.

5. The Pooing On An Inspirational Quote Spongebob Tattoo

Did he not have enough space on the rest of his chest?

6. The YOLO SWAG Spongebob Tattoo

Sunglasses? Check. Pasty white skin? Check. Ludicrously large back tattoo? Check. This boy's ready for the beach.

7. The Incredibly Baked Spongebob Tattoo

He's going to regret that in the morning.

(Source: Areavis)


Would you get a Spongebob tattoo?


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