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Emma Watson's speech about feminism last week riled up some adults so much that they threatened to leak non-existent naked pictures of the actress online in retaliation, but one 15-year-old boy has show much deeper levels of maturity.

In a letter to the British newspaper, The Telegraph, which has since gone viral, the teenager explained how he believes all boys his age should listen to Emma Watson's message.

The heartfelt letter penned by Ed Holtom reads:

You've got to hand it to the lad for putting his head above the pulpit and ignoring peer pressure and mockery from his classmates to stand for what he thinks is right.

Ed Holtom
Ed Holtom

Change can only happen if the younger generation are on board, and this exceptionally mature teenager is an example to the rest of his age group, not to mention a lot of grown adults.

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Were you inspired by Emma Watson's speech?

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