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Master fan theorist Jon Negroni has been blowing our minds with his incredible eye for detail ever since he first posted his original amazing Pixar Theory last year.

Then, he unveiled another theory about the true identity of Andy's mum in Toy Story that gave us shivers.

But while you might have read Negroni's Pixar Theory before, you definitely haven't seen it like this.

The video takes us through the entire catalogue, starting with Brave and the introduction of intelligent animals before working its way to Up, Finding Nemo, and other classics.

If you don't know the premise, the theory basically explains how every single character in all Pixar movies since Toy Story are actually interconnected, sharing the same universe but in different times.

That means that the cast of Frozen live in the same world as the eponymous Cars, and that the mice in Ratatouille are somehow related to Nemo.

Sound complicated? Not anymore. Let me just say that by the end of this video you will never watch another Pixar movie in the same way.

Stick with it - in the first few minutes you might think Negroni's just stabbing in the dark, but when the evidence begins to stack up, it all makes incredible sense.

By minute 8, you'll be questioning your whole childhood and demanding an explanation from Pixar themselves.

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