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Taking some of the most iconic scenes from video games, movies, art, and even fairy tales - graphic illustrator Ben Chen not only conjures up some pretty interesting images, he also does so with a sharp wit, a sense of humor, and a lot of dark, twisted thinking.

Take a look at this gruesome lot, and see if they make you laugh, cry, or just shudder and back away slowly...

Angry Birds goes biblical

That's so the wrong bird to use. Use the yellow one.


Protein shake... ?

Unfortunately the Kingsmen can't do much for you once your innards are crusted onto the gym's carpet.


Baloo enjoys a sushi lunch...

I just hope he gave Ursula a good price.


Splinter is pretty cheesed-off

And Shredder is still Shredder, the most dangerous villain ever named after a mundane piece of office stationary.


"That's it, man. Game over, man!"

Hudson's words in Aliens have never been quite so pertinent...


Sent from the future to find Gum-Gum!

When's Arnie gonna get his own statue?


Bookworms never looked so scary

...Unless you're John Hurt, in which case this one probably looks pretty tame.


Marty McFly went a little too far back this time...

I hope those dinos aren't allergic to plaid or high-waist pants.


The Gar-Father

...Because Garfield does love Italian cuisine.


Doors of Durin(g the 21st Century)

Slide, phone, and enter.


Kermit is a "Muppet Most Wanted" for this stalk

Sorry, dude...


Pinhead gives a new meaning to the term "wild west"




Cinema snacks inspire sympathy for the first time...ever.


The white rabbit got cabin fever.

And I heard the magician had bad dandruff.


Cookie Cannibal

Hannibal Lecter never looked so half-baked.


A Nightmare on... Owl Street?

Nocturnal creatures of the night with claws. It kinda makes sense.



Ben Chen's pop culture illustrations...

(Source: EbaumsWorld)


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