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Are you ready for some Last Witch Hunter action?

No? Well then, are you ready for another picture of Vin Diesel with his awesomely weird new hair?

I thought so...

Diesel recently posted the image below to Facebook, with the attached comment:

"The more we film, the more I think you will really enjoy this movie. Kaulder is a very unique and interesting character, who has lived for centuries with one foot in reality and the other, in the realm of magic."

Which sounds...very un-Groot-like, if nothing else. It's also good to see that Diesel's taking on more genre fare as the years go by - with Riddick still arguably his most iconic role, after all.

The only problem? He only seems able (or willing) to release images of himself from the film's set:

Whether face on, in profile, or - as below - in a relaxed, candid and jaunty half-profile:

Which begs the question - where are the pictures of the set, or of co-star Rose Leslie?

Seen here not in The Last Witch Hunter...
Seen here not in The Last Witch Hunter...

Get on it, [The Last Witch Hunter](movie:618999). There's more to the movie than Vin's lovely beard, surely...


What do you guys think? Loving the lovely beard?



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