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"What we're building is more rooted in the traditional Star Wars Universe and not so much necessarily linked to the movies being made," Electronic Arts official Patrick Soderland

Thank you DICE, thank you!

Allegedly, following a period of increased pleading, Electronic Arts allowed DICE to be in control for the upcoming 2015 release of Battlefront 3. Their interpretation of the game will be what they believe Battlefront should be, while still incorporating elements from the two previous games.

Apparently, we have DICE to thank for the rebirth of this series. Seemingly, the project wasn't going to go ahead until they demonstrated their intense desire to reboot the series. Therefore, the game has been labelled as a reboot as opposed to a sequel and a separate entity from the films though still somewhat tied with the new film series.

My nostalgic musings about the game generally focus on that moment in Battlefront 2 when you were awarded the chance to play as Darth Maul. The man massacred any number of enemies on the battlefield (battlefront...? That was bad...) and to this day I still play the game with a close friend who shares my admiration for these two little gems.

What we can expect from Star Wars Battlefront 3

That clip gives me chills....

With a powerful new engine behind it, there are a great many things that we can expect from this series. At the moment we know quite little about the game, aside from a few intriguing hints made at E3 2014 about the Planet Hoth and Moon Endor maps being available.

With the disasters that are the Star Wars Episode 1-3 films, still leaving a bad taste in my mouth, it's interesting and exhilarating to see the series be picked up, not only cinematically, but in the gaming world by people who genuinely advocate a return to form. In the clip below you can see DICE working away on the level design of Star Wars Battlefront 3.

EA is yet to release any of the features that the game will hold, so for the moment all we can do is hope for what we've always wanted out of a Star Wars game. Personally, for myself that boils down to one thing: I just want to leave a planet and continuously fly out into space to join an additional battle. No loading screens or anything, just simultaneously combine these two battle frontiers and I'll be happy.

We can be sure we will traverse the various iconic landscapes with the equally iconic spaceships. It has been confirmed that Tatooine will be one of the many playable maps and the game will feature the Death Star's destruction just as we saw in the franchise's earlier games.

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The level of excitement this image instills in me..
The level of excitement this image instills in me..

The actual locations from the original Star Wars films were visited in order to digitally generate them for the players to fight in. This level of detail is sure to excite the fans of this series.

We have a long time to wait, even for any form of additional information. But considering the fact that we've gone an entire generation without the presence of a new Battlefront game, it's welcome onto Playstation 4 and Xbox One will be a warm one. If Star Wars 1313 is indefinitely placed on hold then this may be the next big release for the franchise.

The game's release is scheduled for the last quarter of 2015.


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