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Battlefield Hardline is a very different kind of game than we've seen under the Battlefield name. The series has naturally been categorized by its focus upon military situations, but the latest game from DICE and Visceral Games is venturing into a new area that may prove profitable for the company.

The game has shifted away from traditional battlefields into the realm of 'war on crime'. We will be frantically speeding through crowded city streets as we engage in traditional Battlefield hyper-action, but from the side of the cops and robbers

In the campaign you play as Nick Mendoza, a SWAT team operative who is involved in criminal activity. An intriguing feature allows the player to decide the manner in which missions are carried out, either with stealth or all out mayhem. Something which is in direct contrast to the awfully linear campaigns they've made in the past (Battlefield 4's campaign was a disgrace in my opinion).

The game features a police scanner which allows us to look at our surrounding area and tag enemies as we figure out the more optimal route of escape. This form of gameplay is by far nothing new, but it will be interesting how its implemented into this gaming series. Campaign has never been Battlefield's strong suit, so I don't have great faith for Battlefield Hardline in this respect. But we shall see.

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Will Battlefield 5 kick Hardline off the map?

I think we are making something different from the core of Battlefield that is being made and I think they can live along next to each other. And whatever gets made next and whenever the next Battlefield comes along, I don't think it necessarily replaces this one. - Creative Director Ian Milham
Could Hardline be a game that we would hang on to?
Could Hardline be a game that we would hang on to?

It seems that the creators of the game hope that it will continue to have a life after they release their next big game in the series. However, I feel that Battlefield is really about the multiplayer and just another different kind of FPS campaign isn't going to be enough for us to hang onto it. What do you think?

In any case, there appears to be a great deal of fun that lies ahead for those who are interested in the game. In actual fact the multiplayer may be good enough for us to hang onto it with its unusual dynamic. Naturally fully destructible environments return, just more focused in city streets. Take a look at the video below and see what you think!


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