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I have a rather strange feeling when approaching the topic of Portal 3. See, Portal 2 is actually perfect and as we all know perfection is something that really can't be improved upon. Therefore, would I want a Portal 3? The answer: not really.

Why I don't want Valve to make Portal 3

If Valve were to release an additional game with the greatest gun ever imagined, they would have to drastically transform the manner in which we traversed the levels. They've made such a perfect engine in Portal 2 that a rehashing of this formula wouldn't please anyone. It would just be like an expansion upon the latest game with a few additional jokes.

Don't get me wrong I love this universe. There is no other game that has made me laugh more than Portal 2 and if anyone ever says aperture (and I work with cinematographers) I can't help but start to sing 'Aperture science...' But the last thing I want to see is a series as great as this become stale. Perhaps a game featuring this universe with greater emphasis on just the turrets would be interesting to see.

For me Portal 3 is something that I can live without...but then there is Half-Life[Half-Life](movie:765408)3 (or Half Life Episode 2: Part 3 but that's just too long to type again and again). Now we enter a different realm altogether. If Valve is in the mindset that a number 3 of any series is something that they are just not interested in, then we've all been waiting in vain for many years.

Gordon Freeman and Half-Life's return

Now, I was young when I first played Half-Life[Half-Life](movie:765408), and back then any game I played had me elated over the smallest progression in terms of gameplay or advancements in graphics. Hell, I got excited over the fact that I could wield a crowbar, I mean look at this beautiful game!

Oh the memories.
Oh the memories.

I remain a firm supporter of Valve and everything that they have created, therefore even mentioning failed come-back games in this article feels wrong but must be acknowledged. If [Half-Life](movie:765408)were to come back and look like Duke Nukem: Forever, or Aliens: Colonial Marines (god that hurt), our faith in the industry could be permanently destroyed, but they are not about to release an unfinished product.

To many, the[Half-Life](movie:765408)games represent the epitome of gaming, something which wasn't afraid to embrace the elements that are wholly unique to video games while combining these with a story that emotionally involved us and intellectually challenged us (even at such a young age).

Dealing with the loss of Alyx Vance from our lives

Let's not forget the characters! I remember one of my friends saying that apart from not being real, Alyx Vance represented everything he wanted in a woman! And the extraordinary thing about the protagonist, Gordon Freeman, was that he could be whoever we wanted him to be and as such has become one of the most iconic characters of video game history.

In conclusion yes, I desperately want[Half-Life](movie:765408)back, though not so much Portal at all, but with Valve keeping quiet about it happening for so many years it gives me no reason to hope anymore. If it happens wonderful, if not, we always have the old treasures to return to.


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