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I've started a Syndicate X Movie petition to help create a starting fan base for Syndicate X. This is a link:

I've long dreamed of my words coming to life in a new way. At the same time I've wanted to make some altercations from the book to make the movie stand on its own. I know that this is a big project far too big to carry out on my own. Another step to help is by picking up a copy of Syndicate X from here:

Or check out any of the other sites by typing Syndicate X by Thomas Marsula in a search engine. With the exception of the other sites are legit. In turn for the help I'll try my hardest to hire people who are struggling if this project ever gets out. This is a chance to see new fresh super heroes on the big screen which is something I feel like a lot of people want. It's time we get to actually see Zeak Dartail and his brothers along with Jessica Dalu and Tony Sindas come to life. This is my lively hood and the only thing I think i'm worthy of doing. I stuck in the deep low point and I feel like this may be my only way out now. So I'm calling on anyone who views this to please sign the petition. I'm also here to ask a bigger favor for any artist out there. If you think you can put together a team that brings these characters of life contact me via email at [email protected] with an image of the team. I can't afford an artist directly at this point so whoever takes on this task will be taking a risk by creating a image for free or in other terms for nothing. One day if Syndicate X does become big that artist will be repaid in a big way. I'm taking a risk by putting this out there. Again support for buying the books will only serve to help. Even though Syndicate X 3 is on hold it would mean a lot to do a film or even a video game of the first two books first. With Syndicate X in the movie picture the Syndicate X reading challenge will now mean something.

The rules of the challenge to get the book then find thee most mistakes and count them up and a video like a Youtube thing and each correction also adds to the count. The person who finds the most would get a special appearance in the movie and have their likeness put into a video game. The video can be sent to ThomasSyndicate Xbook. In the event of a tie the winner would be whomever sent it in first. This challenge has yet to have anyone accept it so the chances are virtually high to win with no prize since no movie is currently in the works. It will come down to the amount of support the books actually get at this point so that part is vital. I would have gone to the Rhode Island comic con of 2014 but the tables are already full. I can't afford to even go on my own but that would be a place to catch me if I could go. I always carry my book around so I won't be impossible to find. Sadly the chance of me going is very slim. Again the petition is here:

And to get the book:


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