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While attending Wizard World Nashville Comic Con, Manu Bennett (Deathstroke) answered the question that has been driving Arrow fans crazy since the season 2 finale. Will Deathstroke return for [Arrow](series:720988) Season 3? Although he did not give a definate answer, he did give us something to look forward to, the possibility of a Slade vs Ra's Al Ghul fight!

Realistically, when we talk about storyline, they threw me into a really interesting place, Purgatory. And you know, I’m left at the end, shaking the bars, going, ‘I keep my promises, kid.’ And I think I meant it. So I don’t think that they are just going to let that voice subside into the vast abyss.

He then went on to say

But at this stage, I don’t know. They said at the end of the season last year, they said, ‘Look, we want you back. We want you back.’ But there’s been no indication yet of how they’ll go about that at any point in time, right now.

Bennett continued,

“I know that Matt Nable, who’s an Australian actor who I worked with on the Sons of Anarchy kind-of-biker series last year, maybe just the year before in Australia, just got cast as Ra’s Al Ghul. I mean this guy was playing the head of the biker gang that I was in. I was the tough guy in the biker gang, but he was like the head. And he’s got such an intensity to him. But I don’t know, man, if it ever comes down to him and me facing off in a scene, "whew," I mean Stephen Amell is really going to have to bring it to the fire at that stage. It’s going to be two Aussies, it’s going to be an Aussie and New Zealander just sitting there and going “whew.” I look forward to that. Matt Nable is a great actor.”

The possibility of Deathstroke returning is something all Arrow fans will love, especially with Manu Bennett portraying him, but how will he fit into season 3? Here is my theory,,,

Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad
Suicide Squad

There have been talks of Deathstroke being the latest addition to the Suicide Squad, since he is now a prisoner of Amanda Waller. Let's be honest, with a merciless killer such as Slade being in her possession, there's no way that she won't add him to the Squad.

If it is true that Slade will face Ra's, then you can only imagine that Waller will unleash the Suicide Squad on the League of Assassins with Team Arrow in the mix. That sentence just gave me a nerdgasm.

With [The Flash](movie:15273) introducing new villains such as Killer Frost, Plastique and, possibly, Captain boomerang, then we are looking at a Suicide Squad full of it's most notable members.


Will Deathstroke return?


Are you guys stoked for a Deathstroke vs Ra's Al Ghul fight!?


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